Determinant Factors of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Intention: A Study on Universities Generation Y Regarding Selected Mobile Service Providers in Nigeria

Daha Tijjani Abdurrahaman, Imran Ibrahim Alasan, Ali Ibrahim Alasan


There is a fast-growing body of literature that recognizes the importance of celebrity endorsement. The exploitation and utilization of celebrities to promote products and services has turned into an ever-present peculiarity in advanced advertising and marketing. Famous people, like movie stars, musicians, and prominent athletes are extensively utilized as part of diverse advertisement strategies to influence customers' brand choice behaviour and purchase decision or intention. Advertisers attempt to build a bond between their brands and an attractive picture or way of life of successful celebrities. The past twenty years have seen a growing trend towards celebrity endorsement in Nigeria. It is becoming tremendously difficult to pay no attention to the existence of the success of celebrity endorsement across different companies in Nigeria. This study, therefore, set out to assess some celebrities within the Nigerian movie (Nollywood and Kannywood), music, and sports industries and their capabilities to influence Nigerian Generation Y into purchasing the endorsed products. Using Stratified Random sampling technique, questionnaires were distributed to generation Y students residing and studying in the Northwest part of Nigeria, the data gathered will be analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS V.21).

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 2(2), April 2016, P 72-88


Celebrity Endorsement; Celebrity; Generation Y; Purchase Intention; Brand Ambassadors

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