Antecedents of Electronic Word of Mouth Communication on Consumer Decision through Social Networking Sites in Australia

Abu Bakr Emran Salahuddin, Rashidul Mubasher


Association of relationship strength, homophily, trust, normative influence, and informational influence with electronic word of mouth (eWOM) in social networking sites (SNSs) for Australian consumers has been explored in this study. The research is focused to analyze the impact of these precursors on eWOM which influences consumers’ purchase decision from an online platform. A structured questionnaire based on multiple measurement items was designed to measure all the variable in this research. The reliability and validity of the measurement instruments were endorsed by previous researches where they were collected from. Focus group discussions and pilot surveys were carried out by the researchers in this study to examine and completing the measurement instruments. 220 convenient surveys were conducted using personal interview techniques from respondents who use SNSs regularly from Sydney CBD area. It is evident from multiple regression results that the predictor variables have statistically significant relationship with the predicted variable, which in this case is eWOM in SNSs. From the regression analysis normative influence and informational influences were found to be most influential for eWOM. Consumers’ value the acceptance and expectations of their purchased item from the virtual community that they belong to. They pursue the expert advice regarding an online purchase from the knowledgeable other in their virtual community. A clear indications were found regarding the impact of the contributors of eWOM in SNSs for online consumers’ purchase decision which would help online businesses to design their marketing campaigns.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 6(1), January 2020, P 15-27.


Relationship Strength; Homophily; Trust; Normative Influence; Informational Influence and Electronic Word of Mouth Communications; Social Networking Sites; Online Purchase

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