Critically Analyzing Information Technology Strategy Framework: A Concept Perspective

Badar Mohammed Al Mughairi, Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Asif Mahbub Karim


Nowadays, information technology (IT) is playing a major role in the success of achieving business goals. That supported by the continues innovation of information systems and communication technologies. Internet and cloud computing are the powerful examples which attract target business and attract the investors to utilize such technology. Therefore, including the information technology strategy as a part of business strategy become essential to reduce the cost and increase the gaining profits. This article is thoroughly analyzing the strategies of IS/IT frameworks that the successful firms undertake and consider focusing on the alignment of IT and business strategy, IT strategy, implementation, and management, IS outsourcing strategies, the use of IT in product development, and the electronic marketplace. Furthermore, it includes the proposed framework/mode for aligning IT strategy and E-government strategy.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 5(2), October 2019, P 44-50.


Framework; Alignment of Information Technology; Business Strategy

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