Challenges of Developing Fashion Design as an Industry: A Case Study from Bangladesh

Suborna Sarkar, Asif Mahbub Karim


Bangladesh being the 2nd largest readymade garments producer yet remains as a producer for the international brand. Fashion design industry has started expanding in the country, and concurrently the potential of skilled fashion designer and entrepreneur increased in accordance with necessity fashion design education, but it seems fashion design education has not been successful enough to attract the skilled workforce into becoming an entrepreneur. This study aimed to develop a model that explores the necessity and importance of teaching entrepreneurship to the fashion designers at higher education level in the context of Bangladesh and to review and analyze different dimensions of academic education on entrepreneurship and fashion design and the relationship with growth in Bangladesh.
Through a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews, a total of 120 respondents from 16 universities, colleges, and institutions were covered. The study finds different aspects and challenges of growth of entrepreneurship in fashion industry of Bangladesh and service quality influencing on after the higher education of fashion design. The consequences of this are serious for the higher educated scholar from fashion designing, who finds it difficult to get employed, and this is hampering healthy growth for Bangladesh’s fashion textile industry, as it faces worse problems in recruiting right skills, contemporary fashion sense and according to skill fast, the sector skills council for fashion and textiles. The narrow comparative study across the fashion sector and lacking research in the context of Bangladesh motivates to explore this area. As a result, overall findings disclose new insights for academics and decision makers.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 6(1), January 2020, P 28-34.


Fashion Design in Bangladesh; Entrepreneurship Education; Fashion Design and Education; Cultural Industries; Creative Design

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