The Voices of Helpless Children Living in Isolated World: The Effects of Government on Street Children

Chukwudi Johnson Chimezia


Children are the economic backbone of the nation if catered for. They can fuel economic prosperity of the nation as they are the leaders of tomorrow; if adequate security, education, conducive environment are provided by state and lenient policy by policy makers. Whether you are borne into a first class family and raised in golden environment or a second class family where diminutive shelters is being provided; or you are borne into a third class family where you are trapped into hollow of hunger, poverty and being exposed to diseases; we should always remember that all fingers are not equal. This research is based on the voices of street children, with some case study covered around the globe, and the impacts of the government in their lives. Also, it suggests the possible recommended policy that could be considered by states and policy makers. In addition, the measures that could be taken by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), social workers, volunteers and states in order to alleviate or eradicate street children from various corners and to bring them back into favourable society.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 2(2), April 2016, P 138-150


Community; Government; Policy; Policy Makers; Street Children

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