Factors Affecting the Fascination for Banking Sector Jobs in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study Conducted Among the Fresh Graduates in Chittagong

Washeka Anjom, Sharmin Akther, Asif Mahbub Karim


The denotation of banking sector leading to creation of thousands of jobs should be grabbed by the youngsters as a lucrative career in banking not only gives social status but also professional satisfaction of serving the society. The banking sector is vivacious today and it has an enormous future with services bound to expand in different forms. While traditionally credit and foreign exchange were the key areas, people with specific skills in IT, law, agriculture, engineering, and marketing can make careers in banking too. For an assumable better future, good career banking is the appropriate sector for youths as per the perceptions of the respondents. By digging inside the scenario, we have found that banking career is giving us smart remuneration, attractive compensation package, dignity, smooth career growth, job security, pension funds, provident fund, gratuity, incentives, and lots of other benefits. The research was conducted by forming a questionnaire and interviewing 100 fresh graduates from different private universities of Chittagong, Bangladesh about their perceptions of fascination regarding bank job.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 2(4), October 2016, P 216-224


Banking Sector; Compensation Package; Job Sector; Fresh Graduates

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