Exploring Employees’ Perceptions regarding Drug Testing in Pre- and Post-Selection Process in Telecom Industry of Bangladesh

Farheen Hassan, Syeda Sajrina Islam


Telecom industry plays a very important role in the overall economy of our country. This industry is depending on employees working in it. The employees are the most valuable asset for any industry. Selection is the process by which industry can find the best sweet able human asset. A good and proper selection process can be the blessing for the industry. In the same way, a bad selection process can be the most dangerous threat as well. If the talented employees are being attacked by drug addiction, then the industry will no longer be existed. Drug addiction cover the whole industry like the cloud covers the sky before a strong storm. To protect the organization from the shadow of drug regular drug testing is essential. This report shows the importance of drug test and the consequences of it and employees perception about it on the overall industry. It is prepared to determine the drug testing in pre- and post-selection process in Banking Industry and medical examination, drug test, the relationship between drug test and employee productivity, turnover and absenteeism. It also shows the present condition of this industry in this sector. The telecom industry has a strong and effective selection process. Therefore, it is very great to work on this topic. Through this report, a clear idea of drug test in pre- and post-selection process of employees, the importance of drug test, affected employees’ gender, relationship with turnover and absenteeism can be understood. There are also some suggestion which I think will help the overall Banking industry to get rid of the problem or to face it smartly. Hence, I can draw a sharp line of the issue toward its impact of the total human resource management department and overall the total operation and efficiency of telecom Industry.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 2(4), October 2016, P 244-258


Telecommunications Sector; Selection Process; Drug Testing

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