Factors Influencing the Mobile Banking Adoption in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

Abu Bakr Emran Salahuddin, Iftear Ahmed Chowdhury, Hanif Mahtab, Md Latiful Khabir


This study has explored the relationships of trialability, observability, relative advantage, perceived risk, complexity, and compatibility with mobile banking adoption in the context of mobile banking service users residing in a few urban areas of Bangladesh. The study presents a significant evaluation of some essential precursors of users’ intention in using mobile banking services using diffusion of innovation (DOI) theory. A multi-item structured questionnaire was designed to measure all the studied variables. The items were collected from previous researches, which endorsed the fact that the scales were valid and reliable. After conducting a focus group discussion and pilot survey, the measurement instruments were scrutinized and finalized. Data were collected from 338 regular mobile banking users by employing a convenient survey via personal interview technique. Stepwise regression showed that trialability, observability, relative advantage, perceived risk, complexity, and compatibility have statistically significant relationships with mobile banking adoption. The results showed that the trialability or trial period is the most important factor influencing mobile banking adoption. Users want observability or visibility of the service. Relative advantage or value addition to users’ lifestyle reflects the choice of their intention to adopt mobile banking services. Perceived risk ensures “integrity or reliability” which influences users’ intention in adopting any new technological innovations. Compatibility and complexity play key roles in measuring security threats associated and ability to get along with a new innovation. A clear understanding of what stimulates users’ intention in adopting new innovation might encourage or help the mobile banking service provider of Bangladesh to identify what has to be done to create a contented and loyal client base.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 3(3), July 2017, P 142-154


Relative Advantage; Compatibility; Observability; Complexity; Trialability; Perceived Risk; Mobile Banking Adoption

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