The Increasing Need for Cyber Security

Francisco F Coronel, Marjani Peterson, Jamie Marshall


Over the past 3 years’, cybercrime has increased dramatically due to the advancements in technology and the increased use of electronic devices. We live in a world where most tasks are done electronically such as using a cell phone as a credit/debit card, digital signatures, instead of writing letters, we type e-mails, autopilot cars, internet of things, and so much more. Users of electronic devices are continuously making themselves vulnerable from the amount of information they make available to the public. Some examples of this are the use of social media, connecting to insecure wireless networks, and not keeping up with updates. Keeping up with updates is the easiest way to have protection from cybercrime, but many users want to avoid not having access to their phone for a few minutes and just ignore the notification to update the device. The advancements in technology are increasing faster than the software that should be used to provide protection for these devices. Cybercriminals are everywhere and target anyone, so practising proper cybersecurity is very important because we never know who will be the next target.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 4(2), April 2018, P 55-61


Cybersecurity; Justification; Cybercrime; Growth in Cyber Risk; Scams; Fraud

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