Electronic Service Quality of Malaysia Airline Industries (Low Cost Carrier) and The Impact on Customers Perceived Service Value

Muhammad Khairi Majid, Rahmat Roslan Buangi, Norhani Bakri, Nur Shazwani Laila


The objective of this paper is to identify the dimension of electronic service quality of the low cost airlines industry in Malaysia and the impact on customers perceived service value. This research employed the quantitative research paradigm and a convenience sampling procedure. The questionnaire was distributed to collects data, and 392 completed questionnaires were received from the airlines’ website users. The Confirmatory Factor Analysis was performed and the results indicate that electronic service quality dimensions such as fulfilment, system availability, efficiency, site privacy and aesthetic and customizations were applicable to measure the perceived service value of the industry. Regression analysis was also performed, and the results indicate that all the electronic service quality dimensions (fulfilment, system availability, efficiency, site privacy and aesthetic and customizations) have a significant positive relationship with perceived service value in the website users. The impact of demographic background of the travellers on their evaluation of electronic service quality in the industry may be tested in future studies.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 2(1), January 2016, P 34-50


Electronic service quality; e-S-Qual; perceived service value; Airline Industries (low cost carrier)

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