A Tool of Prestige in Gender Relation: Re-Thinking And Revisiting a Prevailing Ideology

Sk Shahin Hossain


It is a comprehensive view of women’s situation in Bangladesh. In this paper, some of the issues have been highlighted related with gender relation and prestige. Gender issues are not simply talking about women’s issues, but also understanding gender means understanding opportunities, constraints, and the impact of change as they affect both men and women (Nazmunnesa, 2007). However, before get the ball rolling to discuss the relationship between gender and prestige, it introduces a new tool with reflects briefly on the main recognized determinants of prestige. Various intervening variables through which prestige is affected by gender have been discussed later. Prior to drawing the conclusion, the relationship between responsible gender and prestige has been considered. It has been found in (1) qualitative review studies, (2) before and after (higher study on geriatric depression scale) sense, knowledge, and understanding on gender issues, and (3) 30 years’ life experience conducted in rural village of northern Bangladesh – A country where gender is very sensitive to mass people and woman is a prestige tool to measure its sensitivity.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 4(1), January 2018, P 1-14


Prestige; Gender; Belief; Psychology; Tradition; Practice and Living Society

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